envisioning our future

Why a Comprehensive Plan?

The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to outline a long-term community vision for the future. Various goals, objectives, and policies intended to achieve that desired outcome are established in this plan. A comprehensive plan acts as the guide by which a community’s development and preservation decisions are made, covering a wide range of topics, such as: land use, mobility, and public services; all intended to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. 

Plan Pinellas

Pinellas County comprises 24 municipalities as well as approximately 104 upland square miles of unincorporated area. Forward Pinellas serves as the County’s overarching transportation and land use planning agency, establishing policies by which each of the municipalities and the unincorporated area must coordinate their individual comprehensive plans. Plan Pinellas will serve as the Comprehensive Plan for unincorporated County, though some of the Plan’s policies will address the coordination between unincorporated Pinellas and the County’s many local and regional jurisdictions. 

Envisioning Our Future

Serving as Pinellas County’s Comprehensive Plan, ‘Plan Pinellas’ will document the long-term community vision for the County’s future. This Plan will be created through a substantial public outreach process and will incorporate in-depth revisions to the existing Comprehensive Plan that will address the County’s changing needs, and incorporate a more user-friendly format. Ultimately, Plan Pinellas will support the future the County envisions. 

Get Involved!

The County is planning a number of ways you can learn more about this process and provide your thoughts about the County’s future. Please continue to check back for new opportunities to get involved!

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