Protect the diverse ecosystem that makes up the County's natural resources, and contributues to the County's public health, quality of life, and local economy...

The County’s natural resources serve many functions contributing to the quality of life for residents and visitors. The preservation and enhancement of natural resources, which comprise the County’s ecological system, serve to protect critical plant and animal habitats. They contribute to the community’s air and water quality; help minimize flooding; offer unique character to a highly urbanized county; provide parks, preserves and aquatic resources; and help support the local economy. Coastal management, sea level rise, and natural disasters are inherent concerns for Pinellas County. Responsible land planning decisions are essential to protect the County’s natural resources and promote resiliency from natural disasters and human-made impacts. In addition, the natural resource characteristics of Pinellas County are part of the general branding of the community and significantly contribute to tourism and the local economy.

Did You Know?
71% of the County's overnight commercial lodging visitors came to visit the beaches.
47,000 jobs in the County are directly supported by the beaches.
Each Pinellas County household paid $361 less in state and local taxes in 2015 because of "beacher" visitor spending in the County.
The "beachers" average length of stay in Pinellas County is six days.
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