In 2008, Pinellas County adopted its current Comprehensive Plan. The Plan was a major update resulting from a multiyear process of analysis, review, and public input. It is also the result of Florida’s Growth Management regulations that were in place at the time, known as Florida Administration Code Rule 9J.5, which established requirements for communities to have a comprehensive plan, with limited local flexibility. In 2011, Rule 9J.5 was repealed and replaced by amended Florida Statute Chapter 163 Intergovernmental Programs; and more specifically, Section 163.3177 required and optional elements of comprehensive plan; studies and surveys.

In addition to these State-level changes, the County finds itself shifting from “greenfield” development to that of redevelopment. The Plan’s policies should shift its focus accordingly and respond to the changing needs and demographics of the County.

Based on these changes, the County is undergoing a multi-phased Comprehensive Plan update, that includes a Policy Consolidation, and the establishment of Guiding Principles. Once the current Comprehensive Plan is better organized and the vision is set through the Guiding Principles, the final phase of the County’s Comprehensive Plan update can take place – the drafting of PLAN PINELLAS. Plan Pinellas will be an in-depth revision of the current Comprehensive Plan that will address the changing needs of the County and result in a user-friendly format for ease of navigation and understanding. These revisions will ultimately support the future the County envisions.

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