The current Comprehensive Plan has over 1,100 policies with associated goals and objectives, and is governed by over 40 principles. The message is not completely focused and is often difficult to implement. Over the years there have been amendments made to the Plan in order to address the changing needs of the County. Often, these amendments may not have been addressed in related policies that continue to exist in other sections of the Plan. 

The policy consolidation phase involved the review of the existing Comprehensive Plan document, to remove repetitive language; language that did not add value to meet policy intent; and regulatory language that is not meant to be included in the comprehensive plan but in a regulatory document instead, such as the land development code. This exercise enhanced the effectiveness of the existing policies by establishing a clearer understanding of their meaning. The result is significant because it creates a stronger base from which the County’s existing policies can be evaluated, prior to determining the specific improvements needed as part of the overall update.

The following link includes an Executive Summary, outlining the project background and findings; and includes the completed Policy Consolidation document.

existing comprehensive plan counts:

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