Recognize opportunities for responsible regionalism and promote intercoordination with the County's municipalities, community organizations, and regional entities...

There are several governing bodies within greater Pinellas County, including a Board of County Commissioners; 24 individual municipalities; and Forward Pinellas, a countywide (serving unincorporated Pinellas County and the municipalities) transportation and land use planning agency. Forward Pinellas serves as both the Pinellas Planning Council and the Metropolitan Planning Organization; and serves in an advisory capacity to the Countywide Planning Agency (CPA). Pinellas County also comprises other units of local government including the Clerk of the Circuit Court; the Property Appraiser; the Sheriff; the Supervisor of Elections; the Tax Collector; and the County School Board.

The need for coordinated planning and development efforts, as well as the provision of services is multilayered. Decisions made within an individual jurisdiction’s boundaries can often affect neighboring communities. As policy, transportation, and development impacts do not necessarily stop at a defined border, stakeholders should have the opportunity to be part of the decision-making process. Additionally, as area governments and organizations have similar challenges and goals, there may be partnership opportunities to leverage resources and funding to complete coordinated projects. 

It is also important for Pinellas County to work cooperatively with other governments, agencies, and community stakeholders to promote social, environmental and economic conditions necessary to achieve the County’s goals. Pinellas County will ensure that there are open channels of communication between County government and citizens so that community concerns and interests are heard and taken into consideration when decisions are made that impact County residents and businesses.

Image of citizens participating in an Open House for Downtown Palm Harbor.
Image of results of the 2017 Citizen Values Survey in Pinellas County.
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