Sustainable Future

consider long-term impacts and evaluate policy decisions to ensure that they support a sustainable future...

Sustainability as it relates to development is a concept whereby actions that meet the needs of the present do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

Sustainable communities support a balance of economic, social and environmental resources.

Effective sustainable policies should address people’s quality of life; a resilient economy; a healthy environment; and should ultimately reduce long-term maintenance and operational costs as they relate not only to provision of daily services, but as needed for disaster recovery.

Infographic showing that economic, environmental, and social elements factor into a sustainable future

"Because the built environment shapes quality of life for the entire population, sustaining its livability and ensuring that it functions at the highest possible level are primary tasks for comprehensive planning."

Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans: David R. Godschalk, FAICP, and David C. Rouse, AICP
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